1. To Consistently deliver eco-friendly and sustainable planned economic real estate solutions to serve the public at large resulting in contribution of planned development of the nation.
  2.  To create professionally supportive and familiar atmosphere where our employees, associates, customers and stakeholders can grow alongside the growth of the company.
  3.  To build values and culture driven organization in such a way that when people want to associate to most trusted real estate brand shall have only one name in their mind i.e. Riyasat


  • To put hundred percent efforts in applying constantly improved solutions.
  •  To make a beautiful place for the better life of the people.
  • To build a healthy trusted relationship with our customer while remaining within the boundaries of our core values.
  • To expand gradually in other tier I and Tier II cities of India to fulfill the growth expectation of our associates, employees and stakeholders.
  • To visit and travel various cities nationally and internationally for better experience and new learnings of the team.

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