Welcome to Riyasat Group! We are a real estate development Company that was established in 2021, by Sumer Singh Saini. Our focus is on creating integrated residential townships that prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. At Riyasat Group, we are dedicated to providing townships with the best infrastructure and amenities to the economy class. Our goal is to cater for the needs of our customers and ensure their satisfaction.

We take pride in our achievements and one of our notable accomplishments is setting a world record for planting 100,000 trees at “Vatika and Dadiya” in Jaipur. This demonstrates our commitment to environmental conservation and creating green spaces within our projects.

Our tagline, “A sign of trust,” reflects our dedication to building long-lasting and trusted relationships with our customers. We believe in providing reliable and transparent services to earn the trust of our clients. Starting as leaders in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we have now expanded our presence to Mumbai. Our vision is to bring the “Riyasat Group” excellence to new locations and continue delivering exceptional real estate projects.




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Why Choose Us

Commitment To Growth

Our commitment is to give your clients the best experience possible — to make time for them, return their calls, and get them the best deal that you can

Effective Development

Effective development in real estate refers to the planning and execution of projects that create successful and profitable real estate properties.

Trusted Relationship

By building and maintaining trusted relationships, We can create a strong foundation for success of Riyasat group.

Customer First Approach

Our business philosophy that prioritizes the needs and preferences of customers above all else and making customer satisfaction a top priority and taking a holistic view of the customer experience

Quality With Timelines

We are committed ensure and deliver the Quality and Modern design architecture with timeliness

Excellence In Execution

We set ambitious goals, measure ourselves against results, and continually iterate towards improvement.

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